Update to the weather station parts list

Sorry to do this but in doing the prototype I discovered that using a nano wasn't going to provide enough power for the station display so I switched to using another Uno.

The difference in the price is negligible, but the power from the Uno is enough to run the display without any external power work arounds.

I should have enough extra boards in case anyone has already purchased them and I'll exchange any nano's that people have bought with an Uno as an even swap.

Also if you haven't attended the prior classes and are just starting with this class these are the additional components from the prior classes that you'll need:

  • Breadboard jumper cables (I would get a set of male to male, male to female and female to female and then you'll be all set going forward)
  • Two breadboards either the 400 point or the 800 point ones will work, I will have some extras with me.  You can make do with just a single breadboard, but it's nice to have the display on the breadboard
  • Power supplies to run the Weather Station or the console without having to have it hooked up to your laptop.  When you go to install it permanently you can use a battery for the weather station sensor side and it should work just fine.
  • USB cables for the UNO's