Arduino Weather Station Class rescheduled for 7/25

I've got the updated class posted in the events section.

In this class we will be building a basic weather station that will measure temperature, humidity, light intensity, uv intensity and pressure and then send this data wirelessly to a base unit that will display the information.

This will be the basis for a home weather station system that will allow you to mount the sensors outside in something like a tupperware container and then mount the sensors on the outside and seal them with silicone.  You can either power it with batteries or a small solar cell and some rechargeable batteries that charge during the day, and discharge during the evening.

I have the list of everyone who will be attending currently, along with if I have your parts ordered.  If you are getting your own parts I would recommend Amazon going forward.  I've had too many issues with Banggood lately and I am going to stop using them because the hassle is not worth the small savings to me.

Here's the current attendance list and anyone who has a * next to their name I've got their parts. 

  • Ray Purdom *
  • Dale Mierisch *
  • Don Edwards *
  • David Shoaf KC4X *
  • Jim Register *
  • Geoff Rudy *
  • Caver Dave *
  • Van Key *
  • Subhash Gedam *
  • Gene Bowman *
  • Steve WA3RTC *
  • Harold NRHER *
  • BIll KK4ZIU *

If you'd like to participate please let me know and I can add you to the list, if you are either signed up or do want to participate and need a set of parts please let me know ASAP.  Currently I have one or two extra sets, but I will order more if necessary.  The price for the parts will be $33 for everything.

I'm currently working on the wireless connection between the two arduino's and once I have that completed I'll publish the code here so everyone can download it and be ready for the class.

I've updated the parts list with links to Amazon if you want to purchase the parts on your own.