Next project and LCD Bezels

I need to know who still needs a LCD bezel for the VFO box.  I'll have them at the meeting Monday night, or at the next class once we get it scheduled.

I've gotten a few responses to the survey on what we should do next in the class, and it looks like the next project will be a weather station.  After that the SWR meter.  I have the plans for a weather station, and I just need to get a count of the number of people who are interested in building one so I can order the parts.

We are working on the design of the Scanning SWR meter, and once that's finalized we'll be ready to get the parts for that project.

The estimate for the parts for the weather station is about $30 for the sensors and a display, and then you'll need an arduino as well, which for this will only need to be an Uno which is $5, and an appropriate case for it.  This weather station will measure Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, soil moisture, and UV level. 

I've uploaded a spreadsheet listing the components, and you can choose as many or as few as you want for your weather station.  If you're going to build one with the class then you can either get the components yourself, or you can return the spreadsheet indicating which components you want to get and I'll be doing a group buy from Banggood for the parts.