Class update

I've updated the website as you can see, the Arduino Class section is no longer hidden, and I've added a links page which has links that are useful for the class, or things we've discussed in class along with the code that we used to share with Bittorrent.

And if you didn't know you can actually subscribe to this blog and get automatic updates if you use a RSS reader.  Just copy the link at the top of this page and add it to your favorite RSS reader.  If you don't use a RSS reader, no problem, you can just keep reading the updates here.  Or if you want to know what a RSS reader is and how to use one I can explain it in a few minutes during one of our upcoming classes.

I'll be making a list of suggested projects that we could start working on next, and I'm going to have a way for everyone to give their feedback, so we'll know what everyone wants to work on next.